Aggressive can be good! Friday, May 11 2007 

I have been likened to a bull dog, when I need to get something done for the benefit of my client I won’t let go until I’m satisfied we’ve done all we can.  Often that means I am doing what is really the other agent’s job.  The good news with doing the other agent’s work is I can benefit my client.  I just read an article about aggressive REALTORS which may offer some insight. 

They believe, as I do, that a REALTOR who is aggressively working will almost always do a better job for their clients.   Read more…

 Have a great day- yes it might rain, but it’ll perk all those flowers we finally got planted!


Oaks and hats Monday, May 7 2007 

No, I didn’t go to Oaks, I planned to but couldn’t find a hat- more on that later.  It didn’t matter because I ended up showing houses in Indiana that day to a client from West Virginia who didn’t really care about the Oaks.  Sold him one, so it all worked out.

Now back to that hat thing.  I went to a fundraiser and thought I’d successfully bid on a fabulous Frank Olive hat by Gabriel Amar.  Alas, alak, I was wrong- I lost my hat on a technicality- next time I need to fully understand the event’s quirky bidding process.  Anyway, went out to try to find a similar hat- only to discover the best hats cost about what I pay for my daughter’s car insurance every six months.  Therefore, I had no hat, but my daughter gets to keep driving!  Anyway- it all worked out because I had to work and it rained for Oaks.  Next year, though- keep an eye for me.  I’ll be the one in the great big beautiful hat!  If you went, I hope you stayed dry and had a great hat!

A Thunderous good time Monday, Apr 23 2007 

Ok, so I didn’t stay for Thunder.  I did drive downtown, fight the mob, and watch part of the fabulous airshow.  However, I hate crowds and with the final tally at over 800,000 people, it was just too much for me.  Next year I’m getting a room in one of the nearby hotels and enjoying the festivities sans the multitudes.  The fireworks were fabulous (even on TV, and I’m told if I find a friend with HD it’s almost like the real thing) but the airshow this year topped all my expectations!  If you were among the crowd, I hope you had fun and got home in less than 3 hours!

March Stats Monday, Apr 9 2007 

For the month of March there were 1318 properties that sold and closed, at a total value of $248,020,355, and an average list price of $188,179 with an average sales price of $179,905.

This compares to 2006 when we had a total of 1353 sales, with a total value of $228,677,237, an average lsit price of $169,015, and average sales price of $164,093.

Our total number of sales has not dropped here as in many parts of the country, but our inventory is rising, and the high end market ($500,000+) is overstocked and very slow.  Remember, with a lot of inventory- it’s all about price and condition!

Thunder’s coming Wednesday, Apr 4 2007 

Well here we are again, ramping up for Derby.  Brightside is working hard to make the city look its best, even McDonald’s is jumping on the Thunder bandwagon.  For anyone who doesn’t know what “Thunder” is-here’s a brief synopsis.  It’s simply the world’s largest free air show and fireworks presentation in the world.  Usually about 3/4 of a million people congregate into a rather small area to watch the event. Lots of food vendors and beer make it a real party atmosphere.  Thunder is the Saturday 2 weeks before the Derby and kicks off the Kentucky Derby Festival, two weeks of fun filled events such as the Great Steamboat Race, the Pegasius Parade, Balloon Glow, The Great Balloon Race, and many free concerts and other family events.  Needless to say, the real estate market usually slows considerably for those two weeks.  That means this week and next will be busy if the weather is nice.  Go ahead and start to make the yards look nice, but don’t get those bedding plants out yet.  Remember our frost free day is usually about the same as Derby.

Laughing in the face of Adversity Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

I saw this posting today and it cracked me up.  It’s the funniest take on the lending mess we’re starting to see.  Check it out.

We’re even more OK Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

GLAR (Greater Louisville Assn of Realtors) statistics show the upsurge we’ve been seeing. 

Residential homes (single family and condos) sold from March 11-March 17 were 236 compared to 300 for the same time frame in 2006

Residential homes(single family and condos) sold from March 19-March 25 were 764 compared to 724 the same time last year.

A combination of better economic news  may have spurred home buyers into action finally.  Rates remain low for homeowners, so I think that many are coming off the fence again.

Will it last? Read more.

Four Seasons Update Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

Okay we’re closing up the first quarter of the year, how are we doing?  Last year there were 21 homes sold in here in Four Seasons.  Currently we have 10 homes on the market, 2 under contract waiting to close, and 2 have sold and closed since the first of the year.  Not a bad start heading into the full Spring market.  Remember the key to selling is appeal.  Buyers want to see value in this market! 

Hurstbourne Update Tuesday, Mar 27 2007 

Okay, it’s a new year let’s see how we’re doing.  For 2006 there were 35 homes that sold here in Hurstbourne, including one that sold twice.  Yes a home on Nottingham was sold, updated completely and then sold again.  Currently we have 12 homes on the market, 2 homes under contract wailting to close, and 7 that have sold and closed since the first of the year.  Again, the homes that have been updated are selling in less time than ones needing some work.  I love this neighborhood, and as gas prices rise (like they did yesterday, ouch!) I think we’ll see a little renaissance because we are so close to everything.  Stay tuned!

We’re all OK Saturday, Mar 24 2007 

As a realtor actively working with buyers and sellers, I’ve notice a nice surge in the number of appointments to see homes lately.  It was nice to see  the C-J article verifying  that homes sales are up and the “Spring Market” is kicking in a little early.  Read more

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